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Jamaica's first Innercity Robotics Team

In a press conference at the Jones Town Agency for Change, Scotiabank announces their support for Jamaica's first Innercity Robotics Team. Newspaper reports are carried in both the Gleaner and Observer, news items are broadcast on both TVJ and CVM-TV, with a feature shown on Jamaica's 24-hour news station, JNN, about the robotics programme in Jones Town.


    Thanks to Scotiabank for making this dream come true.
    Good morning;
    To the entire team, I love you all and please keep on doing all the wonderful things you are doing for black children in their perspective communities. Continue to help them and give them venues and guidance to channel their productive energies into something that is positive for them and their communities. Since I read this article this morning in the Jamaica Gleaner about the children and their Coordinator and Mentor Mr. Hall, I have being very positive spreading the word to everyone about your wonderful work. You can reach me at healthyspice@hotmail.com and I will fundraise to help you guys and this wonderful project.

    Jacqueline Dwyer