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LYM Jrs. - Trip to Boston, Part 2

After a looooooong day Friday, we were up bright and early to get to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, site of Robonautica, the Massachusetts state championships for FIRST Lego League.  We had two teams: 123 and 124 - but there were tons of other kids there, who had been working hard on their robots and projects.

The tournament organizers asked us to sing the Jamaican National Anthem during the opening ceremonies.

And then it was time for our first matches!

Thanks to the advice of Bruce James, President of MVP Track Club, we knew just what to do prior to competition: relax!

In addition to the robot competition on the main floor, we also had to present our robot to the Judges for technical inspection in between our matches.

But we also had a chance to walk around and look at the projects and robots from other teams, and meet new friends!


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