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LYM Jrs. - Trip to Boston, Part 3

After the whirlwind packed schedule of the first few days, on Sunday we slept in and went to the MIT Museum in the afternoon. There was a big exhibit on Robotics, and some excellent holograms, but we loved the kinetic sculpture of Arthur Ganson - particularly this one. Afterwards, we stopped at Toscanini's for some of Boston's best ice cream (even with its cold winters, Boston has some of the best ice cream in the country year round!), and made a visit to The Games People Play to see some of the fantastic games, puzzles and toys, including a wide selection from our friends at ThinkFun! Then we had a seafood dinner at Legal Seafoods - including New England lobster (or, as they say here, lobs-tah).

Monday morning, we headed up to the UMass Lowell Robotics lab, where we were met by Adam Norton, who, along with his colleagues Munjal Desai, Kate Tsui and Eric McCann, showed us some of the cool stuff they were working on. We got to use an iPad to control a robot, and work with a robot arm manipulator to perform dexterous tasks like placing balls on top of cups.

On our way back from Lowell, it started to snow. Exciting for the kids who had never seen snow before; less exciting for Uncle Marvin and Aunty Sarah who had to drive through it! We went to the New England Aquarium, but the thing we'll most remember? Our first snowball fight!!


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