Halls Of Learning

LYM Jrs. "Builders" and "Coders" prepare for FLL tournament in Worcester, MA

Halls of Learning has two teams hard at work preparing for an upcoming FIRST Lego League ("FLL") championship tournament in Worcester, MA on December 18, 2010: LYM Jrs. "Builders" and "Coders"

In FLL competitions, teams are judged on two components, the Robot Game and the Project, each of which relates to an annual theme. This year's theme is "Body Forward" which challenges participants to explore the world of biomedical engineering.

In the Robot Game, teams build and program an autonomous robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS technology to score points in 2.5-minute matches on a themed playing field. For the Project, teams explore an actual problem that today's scientists and engineers are trying to solve, develop an innovative solution to that problem (either by creating something that doesn't exist or building upon something that does), and share their findings.

As a part of the teams' research, mentor Alon Mozes of Neocis spoke to the teams by Skype about his robot: a prototype for dental implants.

We were also lucky enough to have Bruce James, President of MVP Track Club, speak to the teams about how his elite athletes like Brigitte Foster-Hylton prepare for competitions.

And, last but definitely not least, Deborah Chen, Executive Director of the Heart Foundation of Jamaica, gave a presentation on aneurysms to the teams.


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